Dress Up Your Wedding With a Touch of Vintage Sophistication

When you plan your wedding, the sky is the limit. You can incorporate an exotic or fun-filled theme into your big day, or you can take a more laid back approach and simply choose a general theme, such as sassy and chic. Many of today’s brides are choosing the elegance of yesteryear for their wedding by selecting vintage wedding dresses. With a closer look at this trend, you may decide that the bridal gowns inspired by styles created decades ago are perfect for you.

The Inspired Class of Vintage Gowns

Lace Wedding Gown

Many brides are inspired by the weddings of celebrities, and some of the most beautiful events have featured brides in classic bridal gowns. From¬†Grace Kelly’s authentic vintage wedding decades ago to the beautiful gown Amal Alamuddin wore when she recently married George Clooney, these are dresses that carry the timeless elegance and sophistication that you may want for your own wedding. Lace wedding dresses are the hallmark of vintage style, and many vintage and vintage inspired gowns feature lace in some or all of the gown. Some of these gowns have a gorgeous A-line design, and others may be more reminiscent of a princess ball gown. With the wide range of vintage styles to choose from, there is a gown that may be perfect for the style of your event and for your body shape.

The Unique Elements

When you think about vintage wedding dresses, you may think about brides like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner and others. When you view the gowns of these classic brides from decades ago, you will find that their dresses are truly unique. Some are relatively simply and appear almost professional or business-like. Others have the flair of a princess or the classic sophistication of a young starlet. While some have lace, others have decadent ruffles and smooth layers of rich fabric. These are dresses that each have character and individuality of their own, and they express the style of the bride herself.

Vintage or Vintage Inspired GownsAllure Couture Wedding Dress

If you have decided that you want to wear the vintage look, you can choose to purchase a true vintage dress or a vintage inspired dress. Lacy designs have become a staple for brides looking for a vintage flare. This Allure Bridal Gown with lacy bodice gives a classic feel with a dynamic ball gown flare.¬† Many bridal gown designers are meeting the needs of today’s brides by creating brand new designs that have the flair of vintage. These are vintage inspired gowns that are new rather than used. While some brides enjoy the history and authentic elements of a truly vintage gown, others want the look of a vintage gown in a new dress.

With so many variations on vintage dresses, it is easy to find the right one for you. House of Brides now has a large selection of vintage dresses from all of the top designers. Take a closer look at the beautiful styles available to find your perfect dress.


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