Top Trends For Bridal Accessories

Gorgeous Wedding Trends for the New Year

Are you anxiously awaiting your big day? Do you want delicately beautiful accessories to accentuate that stunning dress you’ve picked out? Find the perfect bridal jewelry, wedding veils, and headpieces for your Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall wedding in these spectacular ideas trending in 2015:

Brightly Colored Shoes97243

This year at House of Brides, we rejoice for bold and vibrant colors! While it might be classic to wear nude or neutral heels under that gorgeous gown, 2015 is anything but traditional! Try an eye-popping red, a royal blue, or even a deep purple to grab attention and give your wedding day ensemble a special pop, because after all, you are the center of attention!

Unique Headdresses49047

While we are all about pairing flowing, beautiful veils with your gown, consider something new-age to match with your dream dress. This year, headpieces are in and yes, even feathered ones! Sometimes heavy veils can be too much, especially during the warmer seasons. A simple, beaded headband can look just as stunning without drawing too much attention away from your dress. Feathered headpieces can be marvelous accent pieces and bring a fun flare to your big day!

Statement Necklaces96286

Statement necklaces have been a hot attraction on red carpets lately. On your big day, you are the star so why not accessorize like one? Opal and Ruby colored fashion necklaces can place an elegant touch on your look. For a little more shine, try a statement necklace subtly accented with crystals. Chandelier style necklaces are also a hot commodity right now, as they drape over your chest and look absolutely stunning with a longer, fitted dress.


One of the best feelings in the world is when you become Mr. and Mrs. We know you want to show off that new last name that you officially share with your loved one. Monogramming 
things can be classy and unique if done the right way. Many brides monogram their veils or even the soles of their heels, and it can tie in the wedding day decor if you monogram wine glasses, cake tops or centerpieces as well.

This year is all about taking traditional and adding a twist of elegant flare. Let House of Brides adorn you in some of the most beautiful, creative accessories for your unique and personal wedding day.

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