The Perfect Fit: How to Choose the Right Tailor


If there’s ever been an outfit that you wanted to fit perfectly, it’s definitely your wedding dress. While you may have found the dress of your dreams, it probably doesn’t fit like a glove just yet. Here’s how to find the tailor who will deliver a dress that looks like it was made only for you.

Don’t Settle for the Store

The place you bought your dress from may suggest a tailor from their store. Before agreeing to use their service, ask to see some pictures of dresses he or she worked on in the past, and even request to speak with some of their past customers. You can also ask to meet the tailor before committing to his or her services so you can ask questions and get a feel for whether or not you’ll mesh.

Ask Around

If the store tailor isn’t a good fit, start your search elsewhere by finding out who your married friends and family used. If you’re still at a loss, turn to the most well-dressed people you know. Mostly likely they have a trusted tailor to recommend. You can also perform a blind search for alternation businesses in your area by using review websites, such as yelp and citysearch or The Knot’s tailor search. However, take caution when considering a dry cleaner tailor since they may not have the expertise suited for your wedding day.

Talk Money

It’s no secret that alterations to your dress can get pricey. In fact, you can expect to fork out anywhere between $500 to $700 to have all your alterations done, including shortening the gown, resewing seams, etc. While some salons charge a flat fee per each service, meaning one fee to shorten your gown and another to take in the waist, others may charge a one-time flat fee that includes all the alterations you need done. Find out these details beforehand.

Get a Good Grasp of Timing

Make sure your tailor has a good timeline set up for when you should have your first fitting and last fitting, as well as any in-betweens. In general, there is usually four to six weeks from the time of your first fitting to your last, and most brides have three to four fittings before the gown is perfectly-sized. Of course, this varies depending how much you need done to your gown.

Test the Waters

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to one or two tailors, bring something less valuable to them to have altered. Maybe it’s a casual dress or pair of jeans you’ve always wanted altered; the idea is to see their work in action.

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