Top Bridesmaid Styles for Summer 2016

Before your dress gets all the attention, your bridesmaids’ dresses will. So while you’re waiting for your turn to walk down the aisle, give guests a good reason to have all eyes on the bridesmaids. After all, they’ll set the tone for the style of your big summer day. Find what works for you with the following trends.

Get Classy with the Cocktail

Nothing says “this day is all about glam and fun” like your bridesmaids flaunting cocktail length satin dresses. Add gathered skirts, sheer organza and sweetheart necklines to the mix for added charm. Or skip all the extra detail for a more simple, casual bridesmaid look and keep the wow factor all for yourself.

Go for the High Low

Shorter in the front (just above the knee) and longer in the back dresses give an elegant but sexy look. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with your besties showing a little leg; they’re not wearing a garter. Plus, they’ll appreciate exposure to the occasional breeze on a hot summer day.


Merge Times with Modern Vintage

Sometimes today’s fashions just don’t cut it. Bring back styles of the past with a modern twist that tells your guests you’re into both old and new. That’s what your day is all about anyway, merging old family and friends with the new, right? How fitting.


Bring on the Beads and Then Some

Everyone knows that beads and sparkle aren’t brought out for every occasion, just the special ones. Let your bridesmaids know how special they are by dressing them in a gown with just the right amount of beads or tasteful sparkle. They’ll definitely feel seen. Really, who wants to be a Plain Jane, anyway?

Lay on the Lace, Just a Little

Sure, lace isn’t for everyone, but there’s no denying it screams timeless elegance. If that’s what you’re going for on your day, have no shame. Whether you want your girls covered in lace or showing just a hint, there’s a dress to suit your vision.


Make Mix Match a Must

Be the cool and laid back bride you’ve always wanted to be. Give your bridesmaids a choice in what dress they’ll wear. If you think about it, it makes complete sense since they’re each so very unique— that’s why you love them. With a mix match bridesmaid dress option, they’ll have one more reason to love you. Now everyone’s happy on your happy day.

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