Say “I Do” Again: Vow Renewal Celebration Ideas

vow renewal

It was the best day of your life and you want to re-experience the magic; or maybe you need to reignite the love you shared on your big day; or perhaps you hit a milestone anniversary and want to celebrate big. No matter the reason why you want to renew your vows, we’ve got some low-key and high-end ways for saying “I do” once again.

Family Ties

It was once just you two, but now you have a family to boot. Let the kids take part in witnessing your commitment and love for each other by having them walk you both down the aisle and stand by your side during the vows. Get them more involved by having them officiate the ceremony. For an extra sweet touch, get matching outfits. If you’re wearing white again, get your daughter a matching dress. Same goes for father-son tuxedos. Everyone will feel and look like part of the plan.

Pick Your Dream Venue

This is a big celebration. No wedding etiquette rules apply. Go all out this time and throw the party your younger selves couldn’t afford. Start by picking a venue you wish you could have had the first time around. Maybe that’s on a beach or cruise ship, or at your favorite restaurant, garden or your best friend’s gorgeous backyard. It’s your opportunity to learn from last time

Party the Right Way

Keep the celebrations alive by ditching the traditional DJ and local band. Entertain guests with something more impressive like street artists, a drum line, or a mariachi band. Think way outside the box and invite a caricature artist, set up a mini wine bar, photo booth or even kissing booth. For the kids’ sake, hire a balloon artist for extra kicks.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Remind your guests what fun they had celebrating your love the first time around by displaying your wedding album or making a picture board showcasing your wedding photos. You can also include a love line of how you got to today that may include when you met, got engaged, tied the knot, had your children, as well as your renewal date. Add photos to each milestone for a more visual display of your love story.

Invites and Decorations: Take Two

There are so many unique ways to tell your guests on an invite that you’re renewing your vows. Check out these fun invitation ideas on Pinterest. Once guests are at the celebration, keep telling them that you “still do,” with these fun, elegant and cute ideas. Keep the love-theme going by displaying your original wedding vows and renewed vows side by side.

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