DIY Wedding Favors

It’s tempting to just skip favors altogether in an effort to save some cash, but leaving your guests with a token of your appreciation can be meaningful. Forget buying wedding favors and instead consider making them for an extra personal touch and sign of your gratitude. Hint: if doing it all yourself is overwhelming, just buy part of the wedding favors and personalize the rest. In fact, you’ll most likely have to buy some of the materials to make the favors anyway.

Fascinate With Food

Everyone loves free food, so sending your guests home with a special treat will bring a smile to their faces. It’s like saying “I’m so thankful you came. I want to make your stomach as happy as I am right now.” But don’t just send them on their way with a simple candy bar or mints. Consider these ideas that require your homemade touch. While you can pay to have someone else put them together, they’re easy enough to do on your own.



Jar of Moonshine

Granola Jar

Capsule of Treats

Cone of Coco

Mini Pies

Olive Oil

Pamper Some

There’s no better way to show someone you care than to pamper them. Of course you can’t afford to send all your guests to a local spa or pick up the bill for a massage and pedi, but you can give them a little bit of R&R and means to self-care. After all they gave you their time and attention on your big day, so let them have some “me time” in return.


(Image Credit: Mary Banducci)

Homemade Lip Balm

Honey and Tea

Cute Candles



Bath Salts

Something They Can Always Use

Nobody wants more stuff to throw in their junk drawer as soon as they get home, but everyone can use those useful and helpful things that you can never get enough of. These favor ideas will have your guests thinking you’re both practical and creative.


(Image Credit: Kristi Murphy)

Cute Cutting Board

Vintage Post Cards

Planting Seeds


Bottle Opener

Flip Flops


Make Them Feel Special

You invited your guests for a reason. Make them feel like they were on the A list from the get-go. It’s true, no one wants to feel like they’re the guests who had to be invited. These favors will have guests feeling like a genuine part of your day and even for some time after the celebration ends.


(Image Credit: Rachel Beyer)

Hangover Kit

Personalized Flash Drive

Polaroid Picture Taken with the You

Frame With Picture of You and Guest

Hand-written Note Welcoming Guest

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