4 Ways to Honor Grandma & Grandpa on Your Wedding Day

Maybe they babysat you while your parents went to work, or took you out to ice cream when you needed a pick-me-up. Maybe you only saw them for holidays, but each holiday was that much more special because of it. Whatever makes your relationship with your grandparents’ special, your wedding day is a great way to honor them.

1. Borrow something meaningful

An obvious way to page homage to your family line is to use your mother, or grandmother’s wedding dress. However, if that’s not quite your style, or it’s unavailable, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate family heirlooms into your wedding. Add a brooch, hair pin, earrings, or another piece from your grandmother’s collection to your ensemble.

2. Keep Them Close

If you are especially close to your grandparents, have them walk you down the aisle, or put them sit in the front row during the ceremony (this may make it easier for older family members who have difficulty walking anyway, accommodating them is a great gesture, too!). When it’s time for wedding photos, be sure to take a few with grandma and grandpa as a sweet keepsake.

3. Say it with Words

If you would rather keep things more low key, write your grandparents a special thank you and leave it at their table setting or at their seat during the ceremony. You can also take time during your reception to sit and speak with them privately, making sure they know how grateful you are for their support and love. If you have time for an extra speaker during the reception, ask a grandparent (ahead of time!) to give a toast.

4. Remember Tradition

Depending on where your family is from, adding a cultural wedding tradition to your ceremony or reception is another great way to show your respect for your grandparents. Whether you add an extra step to the ceremony, add a special item to the menu, or play a specific song or dance during the reception, incorporating something that your grandma, and generations before her, did is sure to make your family proud.

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