Pumpkin. Spice. Wedding.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Spice M&Ms. Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate. When fall finally arrives, there seems to be nothing but pumpkin on the mind! If your wedding is happening during this beloved season, we have some tips for sprinkling pumpkin all around your wedding and reception that you’ll love.


Obviously, the easiest way to get pumpkin into your reception is to have items made with pumpkin. Pumpkin flavored cakes, cupcakes, breads, pies, and cookies are great reception desserts! For your main courses, see what your caterer can do with the orange squash. Maybe they could make a ravioli filling, or a use it as a side or pair it with some kind of meat. You can also bring out your favorite pumpkin spice flavors into your cocktail hour; use it for your signature drink!


Credit: rusticweddings.com

Credit: rusticweddings.com


Autumn colors are major wedding inspiration! Adding the changing colors to your décor, not just by using the colors, but by adding pumpkins to your table settings and centerpieces. Use tiny pumpkins as place card holders, or carve out the centers of small pumpkins to hold tea light candles. When it comes to adding pumpkin to your décor, the possibilities are endless!


Credit: autumnharvestpumpkins.com

Credit: autumnharvestpumpkins.com

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