Ingredients for the Best Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour should be a time for guests to start to mingle and introduce themselves, and of course, enjoy a break before the real fun of the reception starts!

While you and your wedding party take photos, these tips will help make sure your guests are left in the good hands of a fun (and delicious) cocktail hour (make sure it is only an hour at max so guests don’t get bored)!

Have a Signature Cocktail

Creating a signature cocktail is a fun way to incorporate you and your new spouse into your big day! You can decide on a drink that matches your wedding colors, one that reflects you and your boo’s personalities or hometown, or just some of your favorite flavors!


Credit: The Knot

Credit: The Knot


Set the Mood with the Right Music

Cocktail hour should be fun! But, it’s not party time just yet. Make sure the music is a reflection of the moment; having a little bit of soft jazz, or some soft rock or pop can really set the tone for a relaxing time to munch and mingle. Whatever you do, just try to avoid the top 40.


Have Space for Comfortable Seating

Make sure there is plenty of space for guests, and servers, to easily move around, but also give them options for where to plant! Having tall tables for guests to stand at while drinking and eating is always good, but also have some comfortable options for those who want to, or need to sit down. This should be a time people feel comfortable relaxing and chatting, so make sure the area reflects that.


Credit: It Started With Yest

Credit: It Started With Yest


Don’t Forget an Open Bar

While signature cocktails are fun and a must, remember that not everyone likes the same thing. Having an open bar at the cocktail hour is just as important as an open bar at the reception. Also make sure there are plenty of nonalcoholic drinks, like fresh lemonade or other seasonal drinks.


Avoid Snacking Messes

Naturally, you want to make sure you have a few different delicious options for food during this time, but also make sure it’s not too messy. Finger foods are best, so you can avoid any loose silverware, but make sure nothing is too messy or too complicated. Mix up the flavors too, so everyone has something they like.


Credit: Brides

Credit: Brides


Keep Guests Busy

For the guests that are less than enthusiastic about the mingling, have some activity options. Having a few different games, like Jenga or a big floor or table game of checkers or tic-tac-toe is fun, and good for kids if you have them at your wedding. If your hour is outside, put out a bags toss or life-size Jenga; the options for fun outdoor games are endless!


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