Best Boyfriend Ever Proposes, Brings New Puppy

As if a proposal isn’t emotional enough! Christopher LoNigro brought his A game when he proposed to his girlfriend back in February of this year.

LoNigro’s girlfriend, Alishia Olivieri, wasn’t expecting anything special when they got to a family function one day in February, but she soon realized it wasn’t an average get-together.


On the porch, surrounded by her family, Olivieri found a large box with a banner that read, “will you marry me?” hanging across it. After she said yes, LoNigro pulled a collie puppy out of the box, bringing on even more tears! The puppy, Kramer, was just as much a surprise as the proposal. LoNigro’s family always had collies, and the couple had discussed getting one at some point.


Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Holding the puppy, Olivieri cried (who wouldn’t!?), “What? Oh my God, What? I feel like I’m not really alive right now!”

The magical moment was caught on video, and the couple is planning on getting married in Spring 2018. We can only assume Kramer will have a big role in the wedding, too!


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