Simple Signs He Might be Ready to Propose

You’ve been dropping hints (and engagement ring advertisements) for a while now, so why hasn’t he caught on? Or maybe you’ve just casually discussed it, but you’re definitely ready for the next big step, he just hasn’t actually asked yet. Whatever the case may be, keep an eye out for these subtle things he may start doing (or has been doing), and it might mean he’s ready, too! But remember, every guy (or girl) is different!


Planning for YOUR Future/Involving You in Important Decisions
He may start talking about the future more, but not just what he’s planning on, instead he’s talking about both of you, and what your future is going to be like. This could be asking for your opinion in important decisions like if he should take a promotion, or renew his rental agreement. The future is becoming more about the two of you, not just about him.

You See More of His Family & Friends, He Wants to See Yours
Bringing you around to his family or friends, or trying to make it a point to see your family and friends more as a couple is a sign he could be getting people used to the two of you together, and just wants to get to know your family (and you his) more.

Talking to Your Friends or Family Without You Knowing
When he’s more secretive about who he’s talking to, he could be getting the go-ahead from your clan, or getting opinions on how to ask and when.

He Doesn’t Dismiss Marriage Talk
Maybe before when you’d say something about getting married he’d respond with something like “well, that wouldn’t be for a while!” but now, he keeps quiet, or agrees with you. Maybe you’ve been going to more weddings for friends recently and he doesn’t complain about it, or avoid the conversation of it like he used to.

He Cuts Down on Spending
If you notice that he’s not make very big purchases, or maybe he just hasn’t been spending as much as he normally would, he could really be saving up. If he’s putting in more hours or overtime at work, this could also be him saving up for a big purchase (bling, perhaps?).

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