Drone (Accidentally) Captures Gorgeous Wedding Photo

Filmmaker Brandon Li was filming over Hong Kong, catching some shots of the sunset, not realizing he had captured a beautiful shot of some newlyweds!

After turning the drone camera down to return back to Li, he did not expect the images he would find when going through footage later. The photo features a bride and groom resting in the middle of a grassy patch on top of a building!

Li, and the rest of the internet, is now on the hunt to find who the lovebirds are, but so far no one has had any luck. Many say the picture is too perfect, insisting it was staged. Li has explained that he is not a wedding photographer at all, and that the photo was a very lucky catch.

Accidental drone shot. Help me find this couple! #drone #accidental #serendipity #newlyweds

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He is however, very satisfied with the photo. He told BBC “You usually see these really cold pictures of Hong Kong looking really crowded and grey and here’s this moment where two people are doing something very good and joyous. It’s like making your own oasis of joy in the city.”

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