Wedding Day Photo Musts

While your professional photographer probably knows exactly what kind of photos to go for on your wedding day, there are some snaps you’ll definitely want to have! Here are some to remember to ask your photographer about: (hint: candids are always the BEST memories!)


Getting Ready

Have some candids of you and your bridesmaids, and the groom and his guys, getting ready. A good shot is always your girls reacting to seeing you in your dress for the first time! Also try and get a good intimate shot of you and your mother if she’s helping you get ready.

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post


Credit: Lauren McGlynn Photography


Father and the Bride

The Groom’s reaction to seeing his bride is always perfect and a must. But another good reaction is the father of the bride seeing his daughter!



Photos of both sets of parents reacting during the ceremony are usually great candids full of emotion and joy!


Thank You Card Picture

Take a few pictures of you and your sweetie with a “thank you” banner or sign so you can use them for your thank you cards to send to guests!


Reaction to Speeches

Of course you want shots of the speakers during toasts, but have the photographer take some of you and your spouse’s reactions! You’re sure to get some great shots!


In Front of the Venue

Photographers can be so caught up in the guests/party arrivals and taking your set-up photos, but don’t forget to get one of you and your hubby in front of your venue, especially if it’s at a unique location!




Bride and Groom Leaving

Not only are the photos of you both leaving the ceremony good, but try to get some of you and your new spouse leaving the ceremony, waving goodbye to guests, especially if you’re headed off to your honeymoon right away!


Credit: J Smith Innovations

Credit: J Smith Innovations

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