Basic Bridesmaid Duties

Being a bridesmaid can be fun, but also a little stressful, especially if you don’t know what your job is! Make sure the bride, or maid of honor, explains exactly what she wants you to help with before the serious wedding planning starts. Here are some basic tasks you might have (or you should offer to do).

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1. Offer to help with any planning tasks: Whether she needs help addressing invites, tying ribbons, preparing flowers, offer your services for anything wedding related to make it easier on the bride!

2. Pay for your ensemble: Unless you’ve already discussed something different with the bride, make sure you’re paying for you dress, shoes, jewelry — anything related to what you’ll be wearing on the wedding day. Make sure you get it all in time, too!

3. Help plan parties: Work with the MOH to help plan any showers, and even co-host if you feel comfortable doing so! And of course, help plan a fantastic bachelorette party!

4. Wedding present: We know you’ve probably spent quite a bit being in the wedding party, but it’s important to still get the couple a wedding present. Go in on a bigger gift from the registry with other bridesmaids!

5. Attend rehearsal: It’s very important that you are at the rehearsal! Make sure you have everything in order so that you can be there, on time.

Credit: Natalie Bradley

Credit: Natalie Bradley

6. Help welcome guests: Before the ceremony, you’ll be busy, but at the start of the reception, be sure to help welcome guests! Answer any questions, show guests where to put any gifts, and direct them to their tables.

7. Dance: Hit the dance floor! Keep guests dancing, too! Dance with anyone without a partner, dance with groomsmen, and make sure everyone is having a good time.

8. Emotional support: You are part of the bride’s support system! When you can, give her a break! Take her out for coffee, mani/pedis, or just be there to listen when she needs to vent!

9. Do NOT complain: Period. If you have problems with being in the wedding party, you can say no. But if you’ve committed, do not complain about anything! It’s the bride’s day! If you feel your opinion about something would be beneficial, share it, but do not add any extra drama or frustration to the stress of wedding planning.

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