Maid of Honor Duties You Should Remember

Being a bride’s maid of honor is exciting, but it can get a little overwhelming if you aren’t prepared! No matter what, you’re going to want to sit down with the bride and find out the specifics of what she would like you to do, but here are some typical, broad duties the MOH tends to have.

1. Lead the ‘Maids: As the head of the bridal party, you have to help lead the rest of the bridesmaids through the wedding planning process. Make sure they all get their dresses, and get fitted in time, help assign duties for planning tasks and wedding day. Also, keep them all up-to-date on everything regarding planning, rehearsal, and day of!

Credit: Donna Lance Makeup; Jorg Windau Photography

Credit: Donna Lance Makeup; Jorg Windau Photography

2. Help the bride pick dresses: Be there for the bride’s dress search and when you’re shopping for bridesmaids gowns! Be sure to be kind, but give her your honest opinion; you want her to look her absolute best, but also be happy!

3. Help Plan: This is very bride-specific, but be there to help plan anything and everything for the wedding day!

4. Throw/Co-host the Bridal Shower: Sometimes a bride’s mother or relative hosts, but make sure you help! Plan something great for your bride; finally something she doesn’t have to plan herself!

5. Spread the registry: Make sure everyone knows where the couple is registered. When/if you’re hosting the bridal or wedding shower, it’s always best to put it on the invitation to make it easier for guests.

6. Listen: Wedding planning is stressful! The bride is going to have to vent to someone, and that’s what you should be there for! Be there to hear her concerns and worries and stresses, and try to ease her stress where you can.

7. Record who gave what: Typically the MOH will write down each gift and who it’s from during any celebrations where gifts are involved. Keep a good list so the bride and groom can write thank yous.

8. Plan the Bachelorette party: Get the other bridesmaids involved and plan a fun party for the bride! Take into account what she would like; not all brides want strippers and bar crawls!

9. Coordinate/help ‘maids to rehearsal: It’s important that everyone in the wedding is at the rehearsal! Make sure all the girls are able to make it, and coordinate any carpooling, hotel rooms, or anything else involved to get them all there in time!

10. Get ready: Make sure all the bridesmaids have their hair and makeup done, and are ready in time. And of course, help the bride prepare (usually including helping her get into her dress!).

Credit: H PhotographyCredit: H Photography


11. Arrange the train: At the ceremony, if the bride has a long train, be sure to arrange it to look nice once she is at her spot!

12. Hold the ring: Since you’ll be right by her side, hold onto the groom’s ring (put it on your thumb to keep it safe!) and hand it off when the time comes.

13. Hold the bouquet: Unless she has two MOH, you also will take her bouquet. Just remember to give it back right before she heads back down the aisle after the “I dos!”

14. Sign the license: Usually, the MOH and Best Man will sign the marriage license as witnesses, so be sure you’re there for the signing.

15. Keep the bride fed: Make sure the bride eats! We’ve all heard the horror stories of empty stomachs, so be sure there is food available for he whenever she has a moment. Save some of the appetizers from the cocktail hour if you can, and keep it at her place, or tell the catering staff to keep the couple’s plates warm if they can’t eat right away.

16. Bustle: After photos, make sure you can help bustle her train (if necessary). Make sure you practice or have seen how to do it well before hand so it’s an easy process.

17. Toast: Unless otherwise told, the MOH gives a toast! Try to prepare something before hand if you can, but speak from the heart!

18. Help her in the bathroom: Unless her dress is fairly simple, there is a good chance she’ll need something to hold her dress when she has to use the restroom!

19. Dance: Usually, the MOH dances with the Best Man at some point. But you should also keep the party going! Dance with the guests and keep people jamming all night for a great party.

Credit: Pretty Please BridalCredit: Pretty Please Bridal

20. Help the bride change: Especially if she’s heading out to her honeymoon right away, help her to get out of her wedding dress and keep it some place safe until she returns!

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