Date Your Fiancé: Keeping Love Alive During Wedding Planning

Credit: Pop Sugar

Credit: Pop Sugar

Wedding planning is a stressful, all consuming, long, process. With so many things to check off a list and remember, the engagement glow can flicker off pretty quick once the real planning begins. But engagement it supposed to be a romantic, exciting time for you and your fiance, and you don’t want to forget why you’re putting in all this work for a perfect wedding celebration!

Don’t forget to keep dating! Even after you’re married, this is such an important reminder! Always try to make time with one another. From little moments, like watching your show together at night on the couch, to just remembering to hug every morning, simple acts of love and recognition are important to make time for, even in the midst of hectic wedding planning. At least once a week, have a real date night! Take time to go out to eat, or out for drinks or a movie, or even just make an actual plan to have popcorn and Netflix together. If calling the florist is on your growing list of things to do, make sure spending time with your soon-to-be hubby is, too!

Talk about something other than the wedding! We know, what else could be on your mind?! But it’s important and healthy, not only for your relationship, but for you! Take some time to talk about your days and leave the wedding planning out of it. This mental break is super beneficial and reminds you to stay in tune and connected with each other!


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