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If you haven’t used  Snapchat, you’ve probably heard of it. While it tends to be much more popular among teens/pre-teens, plenty of adults and young adults use it obsessively (trust us…). So, if you’re not having an unplugged wedding, there is a good chance a lot of your guests will be using Snapchat at some point during your event! If you have the extra cash, creating and purchasing a Snapchat geo-filter for your wedding day can be a fun and memorable addition!

For those of us who are not as creative or technically inclined, you may look into a company that creates a filter for you. Filtered Vows  is a service that will create a personalized geo-filter for your big day, based on your wedding theme, colors, location, how you met, or any other unique aspect of your relationship! You can also check out Etsy, or Snap My Wedding to see other, similar companies.

Credit: Filtered Vows

Credit: Filtered Vows

If you’re feeling crafty, Snapchat now has the option to create your own geo-filters. “On Demand” geo-filters allows for users to pay for a custom made filter. You pick your geographical location and the range you want the filter to reach, how long you want your filter to be available, and then you can design it yourself. Snapchat does offer a few different templates depending on the event. The price in this case, is completely dependent on the location, time, how long you’d like it to run for, and design. These can also be for any occasion, so if you’d rather have it at your bridal/wedding shower, engagement party, or bachelorette party, you can do that, too!

Credit: Mashable

Credit: Mashable

Guests can have fun snapping selfies and candids and use your filter, and the next morning (or that night!) you can look through all your favorites, just be sure to take some screen shots!

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  1. That off-the-cuff line near the top about having an unplugged wedding is interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of it, but I love the idea. We got married in 2008, and while mobile phones were definitely a thing, even just that short time ago, I think people we more connected personally (vs. on their phones nonstop).

    I’ll mention this to the next person I know getting married and see what kind of a reaction I get. :-)

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