Introducing Mrs…(All the Steps to Legally Changing Your Name)

Congratulations! You’re now a Mrs.! If you’ve chosen to take your partner’s last name (and you’re planning on changing it legally), here are the steps you need to take to do so.

1.  Have a copy of your signed marriage license (either the original or certified).

2. Fill out an application for a new Social Security card.
You’ll have the same number, you just want to change the name. Find this on the Social Security Administration website.

3. Change your driver’s license at the DMV.
Be sure to bring your old license, your NEW Social Security card, and your marriage license. Check with your local DMV to see if there’s anything else you need.

4. Change your bank account information.
The easiest way to change your name on your bank accounts is to go directly to the bank and have someone sit down with you and help. Bring your new license and marriage license, and don’t forget to ask for new checks and new debit/credit cards with your new name on them.

5. Notify the following:
employers, post office, electric and utility companies, credit card companies, schools and/or alumni associations, landlord or mortgage lender, insurance companies, doctor’s offices, voter registration, passport, any investment accounts, and attorney (you’ll probably need to discuss your name change for any legal documents you may have, too).

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