The Proposal Checklist

So you’re going to propose? Or maybe, your S/O is (share this on Facebook or casually email it, perhaps?)! The fact is, the time has come, and you are both ready to take the next step! Congratulations! Here is your go-to list for planning a (basically) *flawless* moment.

Credit: Quote Addicts

Credit: Quote Addicts

1. Pick out the ring
If you’re picking it out without your boo, make sure you have an idea of what she’ll like (hopefully hints have been dropped), since she’s going to have to wear this for the rest of her life! Keep her taste in mind, but pick something that you believe to be a reflection of her and your relationship!

2. Insure it
Make sure you insure the ring ASAP! Typically, jewelry is covered in homeowners or renters insurance, but be sure to check and make adjustments as needed to make sure the new piece is covered.

3. Get the blessing
If you’re planning on going traditional, be sure to get the blessing of your partner’s parents (or other close relative that played an important role while they were growing up). It’s a kind gesture, and we’re sure your partner, and the parents, will appreciate it! If you need it, they can totally give you some insight as to what to do, what kind of ring to get, etc., too!

4. Get the timing right
Not every proposal story fits every person! Figure out what the best time is for you and your partner. In other words, you don’t need to go super out of your way to make time for it, but you also don’t necessarily want to ask at a random moment during the day (unless that’s absolutely something that she would love/makes sense for you as a couple, then go for it!).

Credit: Mamamia

Credit: Mamamia

5. Have a plan
Ok, so plans don’t always go right. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an idea of what you’re going to do! If you’re going out to dinner, taking her for a walk, doing anything extravagant, plan it out in advance so you (and anyone else involved) can be completely prepared. Make sure the plan is specific to your partner, too! While those crazy flash-mob proposals look fun, if your partner isn’t the kind of person to like that much of a show or doesn’t like being the center of attention in that way, steer clear. If your partner loves the spotlight, put her in the spot light so everyone can see the proposal! Just make sure she’s comfortable! Surprised, but not completely embarrassed!

6. Plan for error
There is a really good chance something will not go exactly as planned. Make sure you realize this in advance, and don’t get too bummed out if it doesn’t work out perfectly. If you’re doing it outside, have a rain plan. If the photographer falls through or isn’t in the right location, figure out how you’ll contact them or have a friend be back-up.

7. Get the right supplies
You may only need the ring (don’t forget the ring)! But if you’re using any other kind of supplies, be sure to gather it ahead of time, and make sure you, or someone you know, is able to set up anything you need set out special for the occasion.

8. Speak from the heart
Sure, you may want to write down somethings you’ll want to say (don’t forget the words “Will you marry me!”), but you also don’t want to have to go fumbling for a piece of paper to read from. Keep it natural. There’s a good chance you’ll be so flustered, you won’t remember anything you were planning on saying anyway! Speak from the heart and make it personal. This is a special moment between you and your love, make sure it’s special. Remember, sometimes less is more! There’s nothing wrong with a heartfelt, “I love you, will you marry me?”

9. Keep it a surprise
Don’t tell anyone that could tell your partner! If you want to get friends and family involved, make sure they can keep a secret!

Will you marry me?

Credit: Jewelry Wise

Credit: Jewelry Wise

11. She said yes? Tell the world!
After you’ve had your moment of excitement (hopefully shared a kiss…or a quick make out sesh), be sure to spread the news! How will you tell people? People tend to take to social media ASAP after their engaged, but keep in mind, some relatives, like parents, immediate family and really close friends, would rather know from you first! Call those important people before spreading the news on the internet to make sure they know how much they mean to you! Then, break out the phone for some adorable ring selfies!

Go out to dinner! Pop the champagne! Take some time together to celebrate your love and excitement of the moment! Savor it!
And congratulations!

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