Wedding Trends That Stick Around

The wedding industry is full of trends and styles that seem to change constantly! It becomes difficult to keep up with what is or is not “in” each season, especially when you’re planning a wedding for a completely different time of year! Have no fear; there are some new and old classic wedding trends that stay true!

Photo Booths
This is a more modern trend, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be going out of style any time soon! Add some fun props, and make sure guests have the option to take home some pics of their own and you have a super fun way to entertain during your reception!

Signature Cocktails
This is a great way to personalize your reception or cocktail hour, and it’s been around for years. Even better if a lot of your guests are looking forward to an open bar! We love the cute names couples give their drinks, and we certainly hope this sticks around for years to come!

Credit: The Knot

Credit: The Knot

We know, this is still kind of a new trend, and it seems like donuts are quickly taking over. But hear us out! Cupcakes are the perfect portion for adults and kids, plus there’s a chance you won’t have nearly as much leftover. If guests want a quick sweet treat before hitting the dance floor, cupcakes are still a perfect option! With so many gorgeous ways to decorate, we’re confident cupcakes as a wedding dessert are going to stick around!

Dance Floor Favorites
There’s something about hearing “Twist and Shout,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” and “The Electric Slide” at a wedding that just makes people want to dance! Do away with the overplayed dance-mixes and stick with throwing in some oldies that every can sing along to for an epic dance party!

Credit: Brides

Credit: Brides

Chalkboard Signs
Whatever your wedding theme is, it seems like chalkboard signs go with just about everything! Whether it’s to tell guests where to sit, introduce the wedding party, explain the day’s schedule, or show the menu, a chalkboard sign is a popular, super cute way to give your guests information, and it’s definitely sticking around!

Black Tie
When in doubt, stick to the classic, black tie wedding. There’s something so sophisticated yet almost simple about the timeless look of a black tie affair, and it’s the perfect option for any couple.

White Dress
Sure, the floral patterns and gorgeous colors designers are adding to their collections of wedding gowns are absolutely stunning, it seems like the white dress will never go out of style! This is another way to stick to the classics if you’re hesitant about adding color to your look.

Allure Bridal

Allure Bridal

The Classic Wedding Cake
Ok, so we do love the cupcake trend, but the fact is, the classic white wedding cake will never go out of style! Layers of cake covered in decorated white fondant or frosting is simply a beautiful centerpiece and perfect for a traditional wedding or couple.

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