Give Them Something to Talk About: Encouraging Guests to Interact on Your Wedding Day

You’re getting married, which means two otherwise unknown and separate groups of people are coming together as one! You definitely want to make sure everyone is getting to know one another and getting along, but how do you encourage everyone to keep talking, even to people they don’t know? We have a few ideas to keep conversation flowing and make things a little less awkward!

Credit: Dennis Drenner Photographs

Credit: Dennis Drenner Photographs

Mix it Up
During the ceremony, don’t have people pick sides! Encourage guests to sit whether they like; no “groom on this side, bride on this side” separation. Some couples have been using a completely different ceremony setup, ┬áhaving the seats circle the alter area instead of two separate rows (easiest for outdoor weddings). This way, people are able to see new faces, and even start sitting next to people they don’t know yet. When it comes to the reception, plan the seating. However, mix up the tables a bit. You should make sure someone has a “buddy” or someone they know very well at the table with them, but be sure to put a few new faces together, too.

Power Hour
Make sure you have a cocktail hour! This really encourages guests to mingle and mix up a bit before the reception!

Lawn Games
If you’re having an outdoor wedding, find some fun lawn games for guests to casually play on and off during the entire reception, or just through the cocktail hour. Bags, life-size Jenga, and other partner or team games can be a fun way to get to know one another!

Family Style
Instead of buffet or serving the meal directly by the plate, try family style serving. This way guests have to interact with the other people at their table, asking to pass plates and such, making for a less awkward meal and room for conversation to begin.

Rock and Roll
Make sure you have a good variety of music playing all night, but especially once the dance floor starts filling up. Everyone should be able to find their jam at some point so everyone gets on the floor one way or another! Have songs everyone knows and loves, as well as one or two line dance tunes, like The Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle! That’ll get everyone moving!

Credit: Corporate Class Inc.

Credit: Corporate Class Inc.

Lounge Around
If possible, have a little lounge area for guests who are bored with the table sitting, but don’t want to be on the dance floor. New friends can also get to know one another better sitting in a quieter, more relaxed space.

Party On
Host an after party or morning after brunch! This way, people can continue to get to know the other side of the family, and anyone who hit it off the night before can keep the conversation going.

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