How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

It’s engagement season, and if you’re looking at House of Brides, there’s a good chance you just got engaged, so congratulations! It’s time to start thinking about your wedding dress! What’s your dream dress? The good news is, our fabulous consultants at each of our five Chicago area House of Brides Couture stores are able to help you! Look over some of our tips for how to prepare for your first dress shopping appointment, then be sure to schedule your appointment at one of our locations! Before you know it, you’ll be saying YES to your dress at House of Brides Couture! 



1. Do your research.

Look online, magazines, or visit our website, Facebook page, or Pinterest page, to get an idea of different styles and what you may want to try. Look at dresses you may have worn for other events and determine if a certain neckline, fabric, or skirt worked well on you, that you may want to try in a bridal gown. HOB Couture has a wide selection of leading designers and styles, so you’ll be able to try a number of different styles, though it tends to be best if you have a bit of an idea of what you like!

2. Keep your budget in mind.

If you definitely can’t afford a certain price point, you may want to avoid looking at dresses that above it. Keep in mind HOB Couture has a wide selection of gowns at all price points. Keep an eye out for advertised sales on our website, or sign up to receive emails featuring in-store, and online promotions!

3. Keep your wedding style in mind.

Have an understanding of the formality of your event so that your gown coordinates. An elaborate ball gown may not be best suited for a beach wedding. HOB Couture sales consultants can help you figure out the best style for your event if you aren’t sure, or the type of gown you may want for a particular destination wedding.

4. Plan your party.

Bring family and friends whose opinions you value. Avoid anyone who may not give objective advice. Remember your opinion is the most important. HOB Couture sales consultants are expert stylists and will also guide you and give you professional advice, but it’s always nice to have people who know you best on hand! Also realize that the more people there to voice their opinion, the harder it may be to get a consensus! 


5. Make an appointment.

The end or the year and beginning of the year are typically busy times at HOB Couture especially on weekends and during advertised sales. Click the link above to make an appointment online, or see our locations page and call the store you wish to visit directly.

6. Eat before your appointment and drink plenty of water.

Trying-on bridal gowns is hard work, and can be both physically and mentally exhausting! Appointments are typically 1-hour and you will try-on 10 – 15 dresses. Dresses can be heavy and quite warm, so you want to be hydrated and in your best frame of mind!

7. Wear make-up and proper undergarments.

You’ll get a better idea of how you’ll look on your wedding day by wearing make-up and a better idea of how the dress will look on your body with proper undergarments. You will be changing in front of the sales consultant, so make sure you wear something that you are also comfortable in. Strapless bras are best with most dresses you’ll try. You may even want to bring a pair of heels if you plan on wearing heels on the big day.

8. Show sales consultant your ideas and be vocal.

Bring pictures of styles or designers you like and don’t be shy about your thoughts and opinions. The HOB Couture sales consultant can find the perfect dress for you more efficiently this way.

9. Be open-minded.

Very often, a dress or style you never considered may work the best on you. Try different styles and trust the HOB Couture sales consultant to select dresses that will work with your shape. Try not to judge a dress by how it looks on the hanger, there’s a great chance it will look AMAZING on you!

10. Have fun.

Don’t get overwhelmed and enjoy your moment! HOB Couture sales consultants understand shopping for your bridal gown is an experience, and will provide with professional and personalized service so you can make the most out of your appointment. Say yes to your dress with a champagne toast and celebrate with your party!


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