6 Things Brides Should Avoid Doing

We know how stressful planning a wedding can be! It’s the biggest day of your life, and while it’s exciting, it can be a lot of work and a lot of different things to remember. Before you dive into the nitty gritty of your wedding planning, consider some things that you should avoid doing, to make things easier for you, your partner, and everyone else involved.

Credit: Floral Artistry

Credit: Floral Artistry

Don’t force your ‘maids to send big bucks

It is your day, but the fact that these women have said yes to spending extra money and time to make sure it’s a perfect day really means something! Consider this, and don’t force them to pay a lot of money for the dress. Look through our bridesmaid gown options – we have PLENTY for every price point!


Don’t seat the a singleton at a couple’s table

Whether or not you’ve ever had to attend a wedding alone, try to imagine what it would be like to be single, at an event celebrating love, surrounded by people who are also in love. It’s rough, and uncomfortable. Try to sit single guests with people they know, especially people that are also single. An exception would be if the single guest is really good friends with a group of couples, then at least they’re used to the people and know them, even if they are the only single one at the table.


Don’t forget to send thank you notes

We’re talking snail mail. Try to remember to take the time, not too long after the wedding, to send everyone thank you notes! People took the time to buy you a gift or donate to the “newlywed fund,” don’t let it go unnoticed! Take the time and care to make sure they know how grateful you are!

Credit: Wedding Paper Divas

Credit: Wedding Paper Divas


Which reminds us: Don’t forget to be thankful

The fact that you’re able to get married, that you’re surrounded by so many people who love and support you, that you’re able to have a perfect wedding to celebrate, and that you’ve found the love of your life, are pretty significant and rare things! BE GRATEFUL! Don’t forget to step back and take it in, be thankful for where you are and all the people who have helped get you there. In fact, you may even want to say a “thank you” during speeches at your reception, or at some point, so guests know their presence and support is meaningful!


Don’t get stuck on the negative

While wedding planning can throw a lot of curve balls, making it easy to focus on all the little negative things, don’t get stuck! Don’t be anything but kind during the whole process, and on your wedding day. Remember that for most vendors, you’re not their only customer and things can get stressful for them, too; be kind! And on your wedding day, be kind to all your guests! Even your cousin’s rude girlfriend that you dislike! Getting sucked into the negative and being pessimistic will only make your day more miserable for you. Try to let go of things that don’t bring you joy, focus on the positive and be grateful, and you’ll have the best day of your life!


Don’t let them see you sweat

In a literal sense, you’ll probably sweat and people may notice. But what we mean is, when you’re frustrated with a vendor, a family member, a guest, or your new in-laws, don’t let anyone, especially guests, hear you complaining. Sure, you may need to vent, but do so privately with one of your bridesmaids, or better yet, your MOH. It kind of follows the same lines as being thankful and not getting stuck on the negative. Our rule of thumb? On your wedding day, don’t let yourself be anything but happy. You can complain about how annoying the one waiter at the venue was after the honeymoon!

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