7 Reasons Having a Winter Wedding is Actually Fantastic

Sure, the idea of getting married outside, on a beautiful, sunny spring day is, well, beautiful and perfect for some amazing wedding photos! But, imagine a light snow flurry, romantic candle light, and hot cocoa….a perfect winter wedding! There are actually a lot of advantages to planning for a winter wedding, and they may just convince you that for a wedding, ’tis the season!

Credit: Snow Village Inn

Credit: Snow Village Inn

No Humidity

What a dream! Not only will this mean less heat and sweat in your wedding gown (which is going to probably be heavy), but your hair? It will most likely stay in place! No extra frizz, no extra sweat, which your guests will love, too!


Venues, Dates, Better Rates

Because there are fewer weddings (and large events) during the winter months, there’s a good chance finding a venue for the date you want will be a lot easier! Not to mention, because of the season being less busy, many vendors and venues have much nicer rates in the winter.


Holiday Decor

If you’re getting married around the holidays, consider the fact that many venues will already be decorated with lovely holiday lights, trees, ribbons, etc., which could cut down on your decoration costs and make for some romantic and gorgeous photos! If you’re getting married after the holidays during winter months, decorations can still be a lot more simple; candles, for example, can be cheap to find and add great warmth and romantic lighting.

Credit: Daily Break

Credit: Daily Break

Cheaper Stays

This is particularly true if you’re getting married in an area that actually stays cold in the winter, like the midwest for example. Being an off season, hotel rooms will generally be cheaper in these areas, so guests coming in from out of state will have an easier stay, and if you’re paying for any rooms, it will be easier on your budget, too! Remember, this probably won’t be as true for states people flock to in order to stay warm in the winter months.


People Won’t be Wedding-ed Out

Because winter isn’t “wedding season” guests will probably not have many, if any, other weddings to attend. During wedding season, people can get sick of having to go to so many ceremonies and receptions, but if you have your wedding in the winter, people won’t be tired of the wedding scene just yet!


Winter Blues Remedy

If you’re getting married in February or March, or in some cases even the end of January, having a fun event to attend can really break up the winter blues that so many people feel. While they may not be so inclined to leave the house, once they do, the event will help to feel better and break up the cold season nicely! In other words, people may love you for it.


Black Tie Ready

Winter months are the perfect time for black tie affairs, so if you’re hoping for a formal wedding, winter is the time to do it! Plus, getting dressed up (especially for men in suits/tuxes) will be less of a burden since no one will be sweating all night long from heat.





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