8 Things That Happen When You’re Ready to Get Married

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you could be thinking a lot about when you’ll know if you’re ready for the next big step. Not sure what to look for? Don’t fret! We have some signs that may tell you, you’re ready to get engaged.

Credit: Dabira Magazine

Credit: Dabira Magazine

Past is Truly in the Past

You don’t have to keep stopping yourself from thinking about the past. In fact, you may rarely be thinking about the past at all (unless you’re thinking, if only I would have met *insert partner’s name* sooner!). You don’t worry about your past, or worry about who you may have left behind or if you missed any chances, because ultimately, everything that has happened brought you to this amazing love, so nothing else even matters anymore.

What’s Mine is Yours

You share everything with your partner. You feelings, thoughts, fears, dreams, Netflix password, tooth brush…everything! Not only do you share everything, you no longer hesitate. You know they are on your side no matter what, and sharing only brings you closer. You allow yourself to be vulnerable, but it doesn’t worry you any more. What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours.

Life Without Them…Impossible

You can’t imagine life without your partner. You don’t see how you could possibly move on to your next life steps without them by your side. In fact, not only can you not imagine life without them, but you can’t stop imagining a future with them. You imagine what you’ll do every holiday season until you’re both old. You imagine the children (or dogs) you’ll raise together. You imagine what you’ll both order from Chipotle for dinner on Friday night. Ok, so maybe not, but maybe you imagine ordering out every Friday night with the love of your life for the rest of your life. Who else would you ever want to share a pizza, or a silly moment with?

You’re on the Same Page

You have shared values. You believe in a similar lifestyle, or you’ve at least come together to get in the routine of a certain way of living that you both enjoy or believe works. You each know what the other wants for the future, and they are pretty close to the exact same thing. Basically, you guys are on the same page. You’re going to be taking a lot of steps together, and you’re sure that when each one comes up, you’ll move in sync.

Credit: Tiny Buddha

Credit: Tiny Buddha

Every Moment is Magic

Maybe not every moment, but even the little moments are wonderful. You enjoy every moment you’re together, even the moments that are boring or serious. You’re with the love of your life; what’s not to enjoy?

Go Team, Go!

You are each other’s cheerleaders. You believe in everything your partner does, and vice versa. You support and motivate one another in everything you set your minds to. When things go wrong, you pick each other back up and help them be strong. You’d do flips and cartwheels if it didn’t cause such a scene in public, not on a football field. You believe in your partner, and your partner believes in you (and you make sure the other knows it)!

Everyone Knows

Your close family and friends who know you as a couple agree; you guys are the real deal. The people who know you best, know that you’re with the person that’s best for you, and they totally agree that you guys should get hitched, like, now!

It’s All Long Term From Here

You tend to think about the future a lot. In fact, you may have already adjusted some of your habits or certain behaviors because you’re thinking about the future. And it’s not like you’re normal thoughts, instead you’re thinking about your future. Your as in, you and your partner. You no longer just worry about what you’re going to do, you’re thinking about what you both will be doing, and what you can do to make it great. You’re finding yourself thinking long term often, and it doesn’t really scare you. In fact, you’re looking forward to it. Because the future for you and the love of your life, looks pretty amazing and you can’t wait to say “I do” and get started.

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