How to Actually Get Planning Done (and Stop Procrastination)

If you’re planning your wedding on your own, it may be hard to make time to actually get tasks done. Between work, friends, your fiance, and every thing you already have in your routine, it may be easy to procrastinate, especially on wedding tasks for a date a year or more in the future. While it’s easy to put it off, it feels so much better when you actually get things done! We have some tips on how to stop procrastinating, and start doing!

Credit: Chrometa

Credit: Chrometa

Set Goals
Hopefully you’ve found a really good wedding planner/organizer, or some sort of date book for all things wedding. This is a great place to make your planning goals. Write down exactly what you want to get done by specific dates. If you want to have your band booked by the 17th, write it down in your planner. Set goals for each item on your to-do list as cross them off as you get them done. Remember, the majority of these tasks won’t be ones you can put off until the night before! If you have to break it down even more (search bands by the 10th, see one live by the 15th, etc.) do it! Whatever keeps you on track and helps you get things done!

Delegate Tasks
If you’re really struggling to make your goals and make time for things, get help! There’s no shame in asking your partner, your maid of honor, mother, bridesmaids…anyone to help out. Ask different people to work on a task or two — if they have time.

Schedule it in
Every day, or if it’s only possible for once or twice a week, schedule a specific time to work on your tasks. Schedule it down to the minute if you have to, but just make sure you have time set aside each week to work on reaching your goals.

Talk it Out
Find a good person or group to get advice from. Plenty of brides have made the planning process work, and lived to tell about it! Ask them for advice on how to get things planned, and see what different things worked for different people. After your successful wedding, you’ll be able to help other brides, too!

Hire a Professional
If you absolutely just can’t find time to get the planning done, and none of the the above tips have been able to help, consider making adjustments in your budget and hire a professional planner. It’s alright! You have a busy life, and wedding planning takes a lot of work, time, and extra energy. That’s why there are people who do it for a living! If you can swing it, and you can’t find the time to plan yourself, definitely look into hiring someone to help you out and do most of the heavy lifting.

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