5 Ways to Bring Your Bridesmaids Together

Whether you’ve asked family or friends, there’s a good chance not everyone in your bridal party knows one another, or at the very least, they wouldn’t normally spend much time together. You want to make sure your girls are happy and comfortable, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time together during the wedding planning process! We have some tips on how to help your ‘maids bond, before the big day.

Credit: Bridesmaids (movie) via Bustle

Credit: Bridesmaids (movie) via Bustle

Craft Nights

If you’re doing any DIY wedding decorations, have a few craft nights to work on the project(s) before the wedding. Bring some wine and snacks, play some music, and have fun! If you’re not making anything for the big day, you can still do a craft night with the girls! Pain stemless wine glasses, color, make tie blankets…anything can be fun!

Potluck Dinner

Host a potluck dinner for your party! Have everyone bring one of their favorite dishes, and enjoy them together! The reasoning behind why someone made a dish is a great conversation starter, anyway, and who doesn’t like to chat over good food and drinks?

Shop ’til You Drop

Hopefully no one drops…but make sure you all go dress shopping together! If you are up for it, give the girls a little bit of room to choose when it comes to the style of the dress so they don’t feel burdened or frustrated with guidelines. Shop together so everyone gets a taste of the other’s style, and so everyone is on the same page with dresses!

Work Hard Play Hard

Take an exercise class together! Spin, Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, even Crossfit can be fun when you’re doing it with your besties! If exercise isn’t your speed, do an activity together like paintball, bowling, or laser tag! A little competition can be fun, but depending on the person it can also be uncomfortable, so just make sure everyone stays light and enjoys themselves!

(Google) Hangout

If any of your girls live out of state or country, don’t forget to include them! Have a google hangout or Skype session with everyone! This way, everyone can still get to know one another, so suddenly meeting the day of the wedding won’t feel too awkward!

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