Good Habits for a Healthy, Happy Marriage

As they say with just about any activity, the more you do it, the more likely it will become a habit. Whether you’re newly married or have been married for a number of years, you and your partner have probably developed a number of habits or a certain routine; you may not even realize it! Good habits, however, can really make for a strong, healthy marriage. Here are some great things to add to your daily routine!

Credit: Reader's Digest

Credit: Reader’s Digest

The simple act of acknowledging when your spouse leaves or returns (from work, for example), is a great habit to add to your routine. When you expect a kiss or hug each time you leave for work and when you return after a long day, your routine can also be more enjoyable!

Talk About Your Day
Making a point to ask each other about how the day went is the perfect way to stay connected and up-to-speed with everything going on in your partner’s life. You can use the time to offer support, too. Plus, doesn’t it feel nice when someone asks how your day went? Add this to your routine, and it will help keep you both in touch and talking, even on bad days.

Credit: Patheos Sixseeds

Credit: Patheos Sixseeds

Go to Bed
Going to bed at the same time as your spouse provides you with an opportunity for intimacy that you otherwise wouldn’t have if one of you stayed up late to watch TV or work in another room. Even just having your toes touch can be a calming, intimate moment in bed. You don’t necessarily have to go to sleep at the same time, if one of you tends to stay up to read for example, but through the routine of getting ready for bed and being in bed at the same time is a good habit to have.

Check in
This is especially nice if you both work outside the house all day. Just sending a quick text seeing how your partner’s day is going, or texting them a joke, compliment…anything to make them feel good, really! This is another great opportunity to feel supported and loved in your relationship.

Say “I Love You”
This may seem obvious! But that’s only because it’s so important to say it, especially in a marriage. Find how to say “I love you” in your partner’s language. If they really appreciate a foot rub after a long day, or maybe they need some ice cream after a bad meeting, whatever your partner would recognize as a sign of love, do it! But still say the words; never underestimate the power of hearing the words “I love you!”

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