How to Handle the Uninvited +1

Whether you’re saving money on plates, or you just would rather keep your wedding small, there is nothing wrong with not allowing for unattached plus ones (those family or friends that aren’t married or in a long-term relationship). It can be a little awkward for everyone to have your cousin bring her new boyfriend (or a random guy she met on Tinder) that no one knows, which is why you didn’t say “plus one” or “and guest” on her invite. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that unless specifically noted, they don’t automatically get a plus one. Or, maybe a guest RSVP’d they would be attending alone and suddenly they show up with a date! So how do you deal with a guest that you didn’t anticipate? We have some ideas.

Credit: RSVPify

Credit: RSVPify

Take a Breath!
Don’t let this ruin your day! It may be extremely frustrating, but one person will not make or break the biggest day or your life. Take a breath and take a step back for a moment. If you have an event planner running the show, kindly let them know an unexpected guest is in attendance.

Say Hello
Be cordial! Introduce yourself to the mystery date, thank them for coming, and tell the couple you hope they have a good time! Try not to lash out or be defensive, instead remain welcoming and calm!

Inform the Caterer
If you don’t have an event coordinator in charge of the day, go ahead and have your maid of honor, or you, tell the caterer that there is an extra person in attendance, and let them know what table to add an extra table setting.

Shake it Off
Don’t worry about it! You’ve done all you can do short of kicking them out, which you would not want to do anyway! No sense in causing a lot of unnecessary drama on a day that’s already stressful enough! Try to forget about it, and remember to enjoy the rest of your wedding day.

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