The More You Know: Everything to Tell Your Guests Before the Big Day

For everything to run as smoothly as possible, there are a number of things your guests need to be aware of, well in advance of the actual wedding day! Here’s some basic info your guests should have before the day of.

Credit: Wedding Invitations

Credit: Wedding Invitations

Registry Info

Make sure your bridal party knows where you’re registered, and make sure whoever is throwing your bridal shower or wedding show puts the information on the invites. You can also put your registry information on your wedding website.

Hotel Info

If you booked a hotel block, be sure to put that on your wedding invitations! If you aren’t booking a block of rooms, have information for nearby hotels available, should any guests need lodging. You can even use the invitations to direct guests who may need a hotel room to your wedding website instead of putting a bunch of information on the invitation.

Dress Code

There are a number of different ways to convey the dress code to your guests. Whether you’re having black tie, business casual, beach attire, or casual dress code, be sure to put it on your invitation!

Event Schedule

This is particularly important if you’re having a destination wedding, or just a lot of guest from out of town, and you’re planning other things to do throughout the weekend (like a morning after brunch, or a night before cocktail hour). If you are able to, put a little extra card in the invite with schedule information, otherwise, direct guests to the wedding website for a detailed schedule. Be sure to have schedules available during your actual wedding day/weekend, so people know where to be and when!

Credit: Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Plus One

Usually, if you don’t add “plus one” or “and guest” to the invitation, a person should know that means they are not to bring a plus one. If you want people to feel free to bring someone, be sure to make it very clear on the invite! In fact, try to make it clear either way!

Ceremony Time

In addition to the location, be sure to put the time of the ceremony clearly on the invitation!

Transportation Info

If you’re having an option for guests to take a bus take guests to and from a hotel, or to and from the reception venue from the ceremony location, be sure to have that information for the guests well in advance so they know whether or not they’ll need to plan for special transportation.

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