How to Make Your Engagement Celebration Last

You said “YES!” Congratulations! You and your partner are probably beyond excited, and maybe already overwhelmed with things you think you need to start doing. Take a breath! Celebrate this moment for a while! Here are ways to put off the “real world” for a bit while you enjoy that newly engaged feeling.

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post


Obviously! Pop a bottle (or 2) and toast to an excited and love-filled future! Have a glass with just your fiance; have some time to yourselves and really celebrate one another.

Shout it to the World!

Share the news with you close family and friends! Call your parents and close relatives together, and any important friends you have. Tell everyone! Then go ahead and post that ring selfie to Instagram, and every other social media site!

Quality Time

Spend a lot more time together the next few days. Really be together, just you and your soon-to-be-spouse! Relax, enjoy the new status you both have, and enjoy each other’s company. Things will be crazy for a while soon, but not now! Now is time to soak up the moment. You’re engaged!

Savor it

Savor the moment. Take it all in. You’re about to say “I do” to forever with the love of your life! Be in this moment; don’t start planning yet! Give yourself a week or two to really let reality sink in, and enjoy that “newly engaged” feeling a little longer!

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