The Night Before: What NOT to Do

You’ve read every list you could possibly find on what you should do (try and remember to do) the night before your wedding. You’re ready. So, stick to those lists, ok? Don’t go straying from what you know! Here are things you do NOT want to do the night before your wedding. Again, DO NOT do these things right before your wedding day — try not to get this list mixed up with the TO DO list!

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest


Do NOT: wax, tan, color/cut your hair, shave, get a facial, or use any sort of facial max or product you’ve never used before. All of these things can cause serious skin irritation, or in the case of the hair, go very wrong and not be able to fix it/grow it out! Avoid major changes to your beauty routine. Get these things done in advance!


Do NOT: Stay up super late. We know. There is a good chance you’ll be too excited or anxious to get any sleep. But try to stick to a (semi) normal sleep routine. Get relaxed and start to wind down at a decent hour, and at least be in bed. Even if you can’t sleep try to get some rest and relaxation. Just try not to be up all night partying (in other words, if you want to be in good shape for your wedding day, it’s safer to schedule the bachelorette party for well before the actual wedding date).


Do NOT: Drink a lot. If you’re going to be hitting any bottle hard the night before your wedding, make it a water bottle. Waking up to a hangover the morning of your wedding? Could you imagine? And remember, there’s a good chance you’ll have plenty to drink throughout your reception (so drink a lot of water the night before), plus drinking water can help make sure you avoid getting bloated, and keep your skin looking fabulous.

Do NOT: Eat a ton of junk food. If you need to chow down a little, no worries! But if you’re afraid of bloating, getting sick, or feeling just plain gross or oily, try to avoid the serious junk food. Again, eating healthier can keep you from bloating and keep you feeling awake and healthy the next day. You certainly wouldn’t want to feel really bogged down or sluggish when you have to be happy, schmoozing, and dancing!


Do NOT: Do a bunch of last minute tasks. Try to make sure everything is done before the night before your wedding! Worst scenario; you can’t get it done in time and you are missing something the day of your wedding. Or you’re up all night trying to get something done, and you’re a miserable tired mess the next day. Put all your tasks on schedule. Make sure they are all done at least the day before. If you have to spend all afternoon or morning the day before your wedding finishing something, that’s ok. It will just feel so much better when you don’t have to worry about any extra planning tasks and can focus on sleep (and the excitement), so you can be ready for the long, amazing day ahead of you!

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