How to Wear a Bridesmaid Dress You Can’t Stand

The trend of brides allowing their bridesmaids to pick out different gowns, with just a color or length in mind, or brides picking a gown for each individual maid has been gaining popularity. However, some brides still insist on choosing the same gown for the entire party, and some brides still don’t take into account whether or not the ladies will actually like wearing the dress they have to pay for themselves. If you are faced with the unfortunate situation of having to wear a bridesmaid gown that is less-than-flattering, or just one that you have no words for, we have some tips on how to rock it. Because you can rock anything you put on, and you will look fabulous no matter what.

Credit: Bridesmaids (movie) via Bustle

Credit: Bridesmaids (movie) via Bustle

Confidence: The Best Accessory

The only way you’re going to convince the crowd that you’re cool in this, is to own it. You look good. “If you can put it on, you can pull it off,” even if you’re being, well, kind of forced to put it on. Walk down that aisle like Beyonce in sweat pants (while we don’t know if she has ever worn sweat pants, we’re sure she’d rock the look). Bring out your inner Queen B and own the dress like you personally advocated for it. You got this girl. Flawless.


Stand Up Tall

Yes, it sounds similar to “own it,” but we mean this literally. Stand up straight and tall. Seriously. Posture can make or break an outfit. If you’re slouching and uncomfortable, you’re going to look uncomfortable and slouchy. Stand straight so the dress sits correctly on your body, and you’ll also look much more confident.


Size Matters

Make sure you get the correct size! If your dress is too big, or too small, it will be uncomfortable, and if you are uncomfortable and not fitting into your dress right, you’ll look it. Remember, it’s a lot easier to take a dress in than it is to take it out, so if you have to get a size a little bigger, don’t fret (also remember, dresses are made differently depending on the designer, so while you may be a size 8 in one size, you could be a 12 in another, don’t read into or worry). Find a good tailor to do alterations so it fits you perfectly.


It’s What’s Underneath

Get the right under garments. The right fitting bra, one that is the right style for the dress, can make a world of difference! It may even be beneficial to go to a good store to get fitted, and even ask for advice of what type of bra would work best for your style dress. Underwear makes a difference, too! Whether you wear Spanx can change the way the dress fits, so take that into account when you get alterations done. We recommend wearing the undergarments you plan on wearing day-of when you come in for alterations, which tends to be a really good rule of thumb.


Put On Your (Happy) Face

You can’t do too much about what the dress looks like, but you can put some extra energy into your hair and makeup to make sure what you can control looks fabulous! Instead of focusing on how much you’d rather burn than wear the gown, focus on perfecting your makeup and hair style; maybe a bold lip if the bride allows, or a super flattering hairstyle to draw attention upward, instead of on your wardrobe.


Accessories Save

If the bride lets you pick your accessories, this could save the look. The right accessorizing can make or break an outfit, so find the perfect additions to make the look something you love.


The Meaning of…

Remember the reason you are here. It’s for the bride. It’s the biggest day of her life and she just wants it to be absolutely perfect, even if that means putting her best friends and family into gowns that are seriously less than perfect. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but remember the day is not about you, it’s about her. If wearing a dress you wouldn’t otherwise give a second glance means making her wedding day fantastic, that’s not too bad! They say the day flies by, anyway, which could be a good thing for you! Sure, there will be a lot of photos, but you’re going to rock it, which means you’re going to look #flawless. Go get ’em, Bey.

Credit: Bespoke Bride Wedding Blog

Credit: Bespoke Bride Wedding Blog


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