So, You’re Going to Propose?

It’s 2016. You want to be the one to propose to your partner? We say, go for it! However, the idea of the woman doing the proposing, in any type of relationship, can be a bit of a grey area for many. Do you still make a scene? Do you get on one knee? What exactly do you do, at all? We have some tips to help you figure out just how you’re going to make the moment spectacular, and perfectly personal for you and your partner!

Credit: InStyle

Credit: InStyle

Make it Meaningful & Romantic

This is a huge step for any relationship! No matter how long you both have been together, it’s important that you make the moment meaningful! That means, it’s going to completely specific to each couple, so we can’t exactly tell you what to do. Whether you do it at the place you first met, where you had your first kiss, or even your apartment living room, try to pick a place that you consider special or a place that you and your partner would feel comfortable. Also, make sure they way you propose is natural for your relationship! If your partner is all about the “wow” factor, make it big! If they hate being the center of attention, make it more one-on-one. If you want to make it super romantic (borderline cheesy, even) and that makes sense for you, do it! It’s your moment to share and remember, make it just that — memorable!

Nerves Happen

This is a big deal! It’s 100% acceptable and normal to be nervous! Even if you are absolutely sure they’ll say yes, we totally get that the pressure of the moment, saying the right things, everything going smoothly, can make your knees shake! Don’t fret. Know that you’ll probably be nervous, but it’s totally fine. Remember how much you both love each other, and think about how happy you’ll both be once it’s official!

Kneeling isn’t a Must

If you don’t feel comfortable getting down on one knee, you don’t have to do it (unless your partner expects it!). This moment is yours to personalize, so if getting down on one knee isn’t gonna work for you, skip it. The most important thing is the words, so as long as you say something along the lines of “Will you marry me” at some point, we’re confident they’ll pick up on what you’re trying to do!

Think about the Words

It’s a good idea to think about what you’ll say. We know, you probably have thought about the exact words more than once! That’s good! You should have an idea of what exactly you want to mention, how much they mean to you, what you promise them, whatever it is. However, realize that there is a chance you may not end up saying anything like you’ve planned! Whether you get caught up in the moment, or the nerves, you may end up being completely tongue-tied or just plain forget what you were planning! Don’t worry! Again, the question itself is most important. Besides, once things settle back down and you remember, you can always tell them how much they mean to you later! Who knows, what you end up saying in the moment may even be more romantic and perfect than what you could have ever planned for!

Feel Empowered

You have just decided to take control of the situation and ask someone you love to be with you for the rest of your lives. You should not only be excited for it, you should feel empowered! Don’t feel guilty that you didn’t let your partner ask, or embarrassed because you took the “man’s” role. You’ve taken a big step, it’s a good thing and you should only feel positively about it! You’re strong and confident! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Put a Ring on it (?)

If you’re proposing to your boyfriend, it’s completely up to you as to whether or not you want to have a ring. Whatever your case, you may not have anything to offer except the question and your hand, which is totally fine. You could use a brooch, pin, a different piece of jewelry, some other type of family heirloom, or nothing at all. You can always decide on rings later on!
It May be…Awkward

For any relationship, a woman proposing doesn’t always sit well with people. In fact, some people you tell may not like it at all. What matters is that you’re confident with your decision to propose, and more importantly, with your decision to spend the rest of your life with this person. Don’t let people who disapprove of your proposal method bring you down or make you feel bad. Your closest family and friends probably already knew you were going to do it, or at least had an idea that you would, and they’ll be happy for you. The people who matter will be ecstatic, and as long as you and your partner are happy, that’s all that matters anyway! No matter what, you’ll have a fantastic proposal story to tell for years to come.

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