When to Save, When to Splurge: Wedding Edition

If money wasn’t an issue, you’d most likely be planning your wedding differently. But even on a budget, you can still have the wedding of your dreams that celebrates your exciting future and gives your guests a day to remember.

Oh, Go Ahead and Splurge On…


Your Dress


You’ve been dreaming of walking down the aisle since you were a little girl. Keep the dream alive with a dress that makes you say, “This is it, Mom!” If extra lace or breading is what you want, go for it. And make sure it fits perfectly, so set aside enough cash for alterations. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to completely bust your budget on a dress you’ll wear once.





Sure, your guests are happy to celebrate your love, but they’re also really looking forward to a nice meal. Don’t cheap out on the food, at least not on appetizers and the main entree. They’ve most likely gone a few hours without eating and traveled a distance to celebrate, so thank them with yummy appetizers at the cocktail hour. Keep their stomachs happy at dinner time too by serving a hearty and tasty dish that will keep the conversation going at their table. A good place to cut costs with grub is with starters. If you’re having appetizers, there’s no need to also serve soup and salad; just go with one or other, depending on the season.


Nothing keeps the party going like good music. Whether you go with a band or a DJ, be sure to research your choice and pay for quality. You want to have to kick your guests out because they’re having so much fun, not beg them to stay.


Resist the urge to let Aunt Jenny take your photos. Find a photographer who knows his or her stuff and has a few assistants who do, too. You want as much of your big day captured as possible. After all, pictures will be what you have to look back on years from now.

Save, Save, Save on…

Paper and Postage

Go green off the bat and skip mailing out engagement announcements and save-the-dates. Not only will you save on paper and postage, but you’ll be saving the Earth! Plus, you can always share the good news with your nearest and dearest by calling them or sending an email.



Maybe your heart is set on a pricey bridal bouquet or you just have to have your favorite flowers at the ceremony site. That’s all okay, just cut elsewhere. Go simple with your bridesmaids’ bouquets by giving them a small bouquet of tulips, roses or a single sunflower. Do the same for your flower girl or just have her throw rose petals down the aisle. Her cuteness will steal the show anyway.

Ceremony Decor


If you’re getting married outside, that speaks for itself. Your guests have the beauty of nature to enjoy. If your ceremony is at a church, let the ambiance speak for itself. For other indoor venues that need a little sprucing up, consider scattering ribbons and bows on every few chairs or rows.


How many wedding favors do you remember or still have from weddings you attended? Chances are, not many. If you want to go the route of donating to your favorite charity or in memory of a loved one who can’t attend your big day, go for it. If you want to do something small to show your appreciation, put out a basket of Hershey kisses or other candy by the gift table. Or just skip favors altogether. Your guests may not even notice.


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