How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

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You’re one of the lucky ones to have so many amazing friends and family by your side. But being so fortunate comes with the tough task of choosing a maid of honor. To work through who to pick, consider the following:

Family First, Sometimes

If you have one sister who is also your best friend. Easy. Done. All your besties will get it; she’s blood. If you have more than one sister, things just got a little more complicated. But if you’re closet to one sister, chances are the other sisters know it and won’t be surprised or offended that you chose her. However, if you think choosing one over the other will cause family drama, picking your closest friend as your maid of honor and telling your sisters “I just couldn’t choose any of you over the other” might smooth things over nicely.


Don’t Keep Tabs

It doesn’t matter if you were this friend’s maid of honor or that friend’s bridesmaid. Relationships change over time. The important thing is to choose the person who you feel most connected to now. Same goes for feeling obligated to pick a friend who had you as her maid of honor. There’s no such obligation.


Is it a Good Time for Her?

If your number one pick will be giving birth right around your wedding day, or lives in another state, or is having financial difficulties, maybe giving her the maid of honor role isn’t practical. After all, you want her to enjoy the title, not cause her stress or feel like she needs to fork out an arm and a leg to make it to your bridal showers and bachelorettes parties. If her circumstances might make it difficult, just let her know straight up that you want her to enjoy the wedding day rather than it become a stressful or costly event, but that you’re still as close as ever.


Go with More than One

Nothing says you can’t have more than one maid of honor. If you truly feel connected to more than one sister, cousin, or friend, give them both or all the title. After all, they’ll appreciate splitting up their duties, and you’ll feel comfortable with your decision.


Pick Who You’re Most Connected To

Even if that means picking a male friend or brother. The point here is to have a close friend by your side who you trust and care about, and who you want to share this special day with. If that person happens to be a man, so be it. He can still fluff your dress as good as a woman could.

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