4 Simple Tips for Color Coordinated Bridesmaids

They’re your sisters, cousins, friends and now…your bridesmaids! While the decision of whom to have stand by your side on your day may be easy, finding a dress to fit each of your bridesmaids’ personalities, styles and bodies is not. The solution? Create a coordinated bridesmaid party!

Coordinated bridesmaid dresses are different in style but have a common design detail to compliment one another. Your bridesmaids will have a dress in their personal style and you’ll have a more sophisticated bridal ensemble!

House of Brides has 4 effortless ways to achieve the coordinated bridesmaid dress look!


#1 Find the Fabric

Find the FabricThe easiest, and most cohesive, way to coordinate bridesmaid dresses is to stick with 1-fabric for all of the dresses. Bridesmaid dresses look and photograph best when they’re in the same fabric, no matter the style.

Consider your wedding when choosing a fabric. Chiffon, bobbinet, organza and other lightweight fabrics are ideal for warmer months or destination events. Satin, charmeuse, taffeta and heavier fabrics work well for the fall and winter seasons and for more formal settings.

Once you choose the fabric, have your bridesmaids pick different dresses to best suit their style, all in the same material.


#2 Choose a Color Palette

Choose a Color PaletteTraditionally, bridesmaids wear the same color dresses. However, it’s far more interesting to create a color palette. Current trends include:

Using hues of one color for an Ombre effect. Have a penchant for Purple? Dress your bridesmaids in harmonious shades like Lilac, Orchid and Lavender.

Combining colors from the same color family like jewel, pastel or neutral tones. Tonal colors like Silver, Champagne and Primrose elegantly compliment one another.

Pairing a bold color with a neutral to really mix it up. Striking Rosa and soft Latte make a lovely contrast.


#3 Add an Accent

Add an AccentThe adage, “its’ all in the details”, works especially well for the coordinated bridesmaid party. An accent like a satin sash, lace inset or jeweled broach can carry to each bridesmaid dress. The resulting look is sleek and contemporary.


#4 Select a Specific Style

Select a StyleKeeping a specific style consistent in the dresses gives you and your bridesmaids the widest array of dress options. It’s best achieved if you limit to one style like a strapless neckline, dropped waist or A-line skirt for all bridesmaids.

This is also a great way to address fit issues your party may have. Think bateau necklines if you have a busty bridesmaid, knee length hemlines or A-line skirts if your have a bottom-heavy bridesmaid.


Your wedding day is your inspiration for your coordinated bridesmaid party! Draw from your venue, flowers or your bridesmaids themselves to design a dynamic look all your own. Your bridesmaids will love their dresses and your guests will be wowed!

Create your own coordinated bridesmaid party at House of Brides! Shop our designer collections of bridesmaid dresses and let your creativity soar!


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